THE SNORKELER DIVER Welcome to your snorkeling course. Snorkeling is a fun family experience. It doesn’t require m... Find Out More

TRY SCUBA Take your fist breathe underwater in a pool, and discover the possibilties of exploring the und... Find Out More

OPEN WATER (BEGINNER) SCUBA DI... This is a NAUI or SDI entry-level (beginner) certification course and is the best in the world.... Find Out More

PRIVATE (1 ON 1) OPEN WATER SC... Find Out More

REFRESHER SCUBA Generally, scuba diving certification never expire.  However, if you have not  been active... Find Out More

ADVANCED SCUBA DIVER This course is for certified divers who want to countinue their diving knowledge and experience. ... Find Out More

NITROX DIVER Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Diver This course is offered by the (NAUI) National Assoication of Und... Find Out More

RESCUE SCUBA DIVER Expand your diving knowledge and safety with a Rescue Scuba Diver course. Once this course i... Find Out More

MASTER SCUBA DIVER The Master Scuba Diver Course is taught by NAUI or SDI agency.  It is for certified divers... Find Out More