Generally, scuba diving certification never expire.  However, if you have not  been actively diving for 9 months or more, you should complete the scuba diving refresher program.  It is also a great resource for any certified diver to brush up on their skills, knowledge and memory.  All confine water skills will be demonstrated by a dive professional.

This is a non-certification program which affords supervised refresher experience at the Scuba Diver level for divers who need to re-establish proficiency due to diving inactivity or other factors. Divers who have completed the Refresher Scuba course may use the documentation to assist dive guides, Divemasters, resort owners, boat captains and others in evaluating the divers’ training and readiness to participate in specific diving activities.

To participate in this practical (in-water) program, you must be a certified diver, at least 10 years old and medical approved for diving.

This is a mandatory requirement if you are going to scuba dive any where around the world, especially at dive resorts, or on charter boats.

Once this course is purchased, within 24 hours, Riverside Scuba's Training Department will email you either a NAUI or SDI Scuba Diving course activation code.  Once you receive the activation code you will then creat a NAUI or SDI account and password for your account.  Once you have completed that process you can start your On-line E-Learnoing portion of the course.

Starting from

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The On-line E-learning portion shall be successfully completed prior to your scheduled pool Session. Then you must visit Riverside Scuba to read, discuss and sign this document, a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Express Assumption of Risk And Indemnity Agreement, Express Assumption of Risk Associated With Diving And Related Activities form and Diver Medical & Participant Questionnaire Directions form. The medical questionnaire shall be completed before the pool session begins.


  •  Regulator 
  •  Mask
  •  Snorkel
  •  Wetsuit
  •   BCD
  •   Booties
  •   Fins
  •   Tank
  •   Weight belt and weights

If you do not have any of the above diving gear, Riverside Scuba has many brands and models to chose from in stock for  rent, or purchase at a 15% discount.  Don't forget to support your local dive shop.  Thanks!



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