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Try Scuba

Discover the underwater world.  The Try Scuba program is a diving adventure the whole family can enjoy.  We know once you attend our program, you will enjoy it.

This is an introductory scuba program of the National Association of Underwater Instructors.

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The Try Scuba portion of the program is designed to simply introduce you to scuba diving in a pool or confine water.  Upon successful graduation of Try Scuba Diving should you and your NAUI Instructor decide to continue your training with direct supervised of two (2) scuba dives in open water, you will enter into the NAUI Passport Scuba Diver Portion.

You must be a minimum of eight (8) years of age to participate in this program. Complete the NAUI Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Express Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, Express Assumption of Risk Associated with Diving and Related Activities and Divers Medical Questionnaire.  

This program is approximately 2 hours in a pool with a dive professional.  During this time, you will learn to experience your first breaths underwater and other fun skills as follows:

(a)  Locate, recover and purge a regulator second stage and resume breathing.
(b)  Clear a mask.
(c)  Inflate and deflate the BC using power inflator.
(d)  Equalize pressure in the body and equipment spaces, during descent.  
(e)  Comfortably breathe from regulator underwater.
(f)  Respond appropriately to both above & underwater hand communications.
(g)  Maintain buoyancy control with minimal assistance during the underwater dive.
(h)  Surface safely while breathing from a regulator.
(i)   Monitor the submersible pressure gauge (SMG), as well as monitor depth gauge.
(j)  Establish surface floatation with BC using power inflator.

Once you successfully complete your pool training, continue your adventure in the open water by continuing in the NAUI Passport Scuba Diver Program.

Price includes:  pool  training all rental gear Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit, BCD, Regulator and Tank with air.

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