Riverside Scuba Dive Professionals ensure the diving gear you rent is properly maintained and operating per manufacture's specifications. The following is required for all rentals:

  • Rentals are based on time (24 hour) not use. No refunds nor rainchecks.
  • Rentals can be picked up anytime between10AM - 6PM, excluding Sundays and Wednesdays, closed.
  • Rentals must be returned per your Rental Agreement the following day anytime between 10AM - 6PM, excluding Sundays and Wednesdays, closed.
  • Scuba certification. Must show C-card.
  • Nitrox certification. Must show C-card.
  • Valid ID (Driver's License or Passport) is required. 
  • Deposit Credit/debit or cash is required for each piece of gear.
  • Credit card/debit card holder name must match ID.
  • During checkout the rental gear is inspected and tested for proper function in the customer's presence.
  • During return the rental gear is reinspected and tested for proper function in the customer's presence.
  • Regulator rental must be returned properly cleaned with fresh water (refer to instructions sheet).
  • Wetsuits must be inside out and properly cleaned with approved wetsuit cleaner.
  • If any gear are returned damage and/or missing any parts customer will pay the retail replacement cost.
  • BCD must be properly cleaned with approved BCD cleaner.
  • $20 cleaning fee will be charged for each piece of gear returned dirty, sandy, urine smell or not inside out.
  • Cylinders shall have a mininum of 200 PSI when returned, or a $10 Visual Inspection Fee will be charged.
No refunds or rainchecks due to poor ocean conditions, boat trip cancellation, or non-use.
All rentals are final.

Rental Prices:

Item Price Deposit
Hood $  5.00 $  20.00
Weights $  8.00 $  10.00 Per Weight
Cylinder 50, 63, 80 cf Aluminum $10.00 $200.00
Cylinder 95 cf LP Steel $20.00 $300.00
Nitrox Cyclinder  80 cf Aluminum     $20.00 $350.00
Wetsuit, Henderson 7mm $10.00 $200.00
BCD, Zeagle weight intergrated $15.00 $400.00
Regulator, Atomic B2 W/3 Guage Console   $20.00 $700.00
Complete Gear Package $55.00 $1,600.00


Rental Brands:

  • Henderson 7mm Wetsuits.
  • Cressi 7mm Wetsuits.
  • Atomic B2 Regulator with Octo, SPG, Depth and Compass Combo Console .
  • Oceanic Regulator with Octo, SPG, Depth ans Compass Combo Console .
  • Sherwood BCD Weight Integrated BCD's.
  • Zeagle BCD Weight Integrated BCD's.
  • Weights
  • Hoods
  • Cylinder Aluminum 50 cu ft, 63 cu ft, 80 cu ft and 100 cu ft.
  • Cylinder LP  Steel 95 cu ft.
  • Cylinder HP Steel  80 cu ft, 100 cu ft and 120 cu ft.
  • Cylinder Aluminum 80 cf (Nitrox 32% Blend).