3mm Sonar Gloves - Medium

3mm Sonar Gloves - Medium


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Part Number:GV300-MD Manufacturer: XS Scuba Size: MEDIUM



  • 3 and 5mm neoprene thickness
  • Stretch neoprene for extra flexibility
  • Pre bent fingers for a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist closure
  • Glued and sewn seams


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About XS Scuba Sonar Glove

The XS Scuba Sonar Gloves, warmth and comfort is what these gloves are all about. The wide gauntlet coupling with the stretch neoprene make them easy to get on and off. Gloves are available in 3mm or 5mm thickness to accommodate your local or vacation plan diving environment needs. The gloves have pre-bent fingers for a natural comfortable fit. Wide gauntlet for easy donning. Gloves are equipped with a wide, adjustable hook and loop wrist closure for a secure fit. Gloves are manufactured from neoprene rubber with glued and sewn seams. Gloves are black in color and available in multiple sizes.


Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.




XS Scuba Sonar Glove Features

  • XS Scuba Sonar Glove
  • Warmth and Comfort: Is What Sonar Gloves are About!
  • Wide Gauntlet Coupling w/Stretch Neoprene: Easy On, Easy Off
  • Available in 3mm or 5mm Thickness
  • Accommodate Local or Vacation Plan Diving Environment Needs
  • Pre-Bent Fingers for Natural Comfortable Fit
  • Wide, Adjustable Hook & Loop Wrist Closure for Secure Fit
  • Glued and Sewn Seams: Warmth, Strength and Durability
  • Color: Black
  • Available in Multiple Sizes


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