The Riverside Scuba's “Try the Full Face Mask (FFM) Experience” is an introduction program soley diving in a pool with an FFM certified instructor.

Join the latest trend in scuba diving, FFM Diving.  This trends is taking hold because of the many advantages of the FFM. Here are some of them:

  • FFM does not fog - you never need to defog.
  • FFM does not leak - positive pressure keeps the water out.
  • You are natural breathing and you can breathe through nose
  • You have 180-degree field of vision and better overall vision throughout your dive.
  • You don’t have to bite down on a mouthpiece resulting in reduced jaw fatigue.
  • Your face remains warm in cooler or cold water.
  • It eliminates concerns of having water on the face 
  • You can wear corrective eye wear inside the mask
  • Mask has a Buddy Phoner communication system that can be used to communicate with your dive buddy or the dive boat. This can eliminate confusion and provide increased safety.

As you can see by the advantages this is why FFM has become so popular.


  • Atleast Open Water Scuba Diver certified and 15 years old.
  • A medical statement must be completed.
  • You are responsible to make sure you are medically qualified to participate.


This FFM program is conducted entirtely in a pool.

Time to Get Started with Booking

  • Go to the Booking Calendar and select the first day that you would like to enroll in this Course.
  • Next click on the Add To Cart tab andselect the quantity of participants that will be enrolled in the course.
  • Fill out all of the information requested.
  • Fill out and sign all the required forms.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from the training department and a phone call from one of our dive professionals to discuss further details about your this course.
  • Or you can always visit Riverside Scuba to book this course, ask any questions and to meet the staff.
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