Boats need to be salvaged or recovered when they sink.  A boat is considered sunk when the dipstick is wet or the engine is wet.  Hard Aground is just that, up on the beach no water in the boat, no holes in the hull, and minimum sand in the boat.

If your boat is submereged in water and needs a professional marine salvage, or a boat recovery vessel to come, raise and pump out the water from the interior of the boat.  Riverside Scuba is the authorized contractor for the State of Calfornia Parks and Lakes.

We will arrive on scene promptly after Lake Perris Law Enforcement has notified us, and the owner of the boat has called, given authorization and paid the agreed price in CASH prior to Riverside Scuba's Dive Team being deployed.

When an accident sends your boat down - we will bring it back up.

What We Do:

  • Diver's enter water to assess the boat and it's surrounding area.
  • Diver's accend back to the surface to provide the Dive Team Leader with their assessment.
  • Divers descend back to the bottom to collect debris and secures outdrives etc...
  • Dive Team Leader prepares both divers with lifting straps/rigging and miscellaneous tools.
  • Divers secure the boat and start it's lifting process.
  • Once the boat surface's the process of dewatering begins.
  • Diver's secures miscellaneous items on the boat.
  • Boat is than towed to the nearest boat launch ramp.


Freshwater lake with a maximum depth of 80 feet.

(01)  $2,000 for a daytime recovery for a boat if beached, or sunk to a maximum depth of 15 feet.

(02)  $150 per boat foot length for a boat recovery to a maximum depth of 20 feet with a minmum fee of $2,000.00

(03)  $200 per boat foot length for a boat recovery to a maximum depth of 80 feet with a minimum fee of $2,000.00

Services shall be paid in CASH prior to Riverside Scuba's Dive Team being deployed.

Call Riverside Scuba Salvage and Recovery Dive Team Department at 213-500-3474 24 hours 7 days a week for immediate response.